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Bathing in luxury / Fürdőzés luxuskivitelben

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Independent of what we have in mind (shopping, professional interest or simply day-dreaming) when we visit a fair, the latest trends in industrial design will have a long-lasting impact on us. ISH Frankfurt (the world’s leading trade fair for the Bathroom Experience, Building, Energy, Air-conditioning Technology, Renewable Energies) has a reputation in the construction industry. Just a few ideas from this year’s fair by some of the leading companies in the production of sanitary facilities: […]

Looking at concrete from two different perspectives / A beton két perspektívából

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Living room

When driving past lake Balaton, it is quite difficult to miss the mementos of Hungarian concrete architecture from the period between 1945 and 1990. Most of these buildings fulfill their original function or take on a different role that was later appointed to them in quite an undeserving condition. They are patiently waiting for someone to recognize their timeless beauty beneath the „Mediterranian orange” paint and take action to save them.

A peak, a church and a ski-jumping hill / Csúcs, templom, síugró sánc

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The topic of my first entry is a place that might seem familiar to many of you.  The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is a nature reserve in southwestern Germany, however, for some – those, who see the Danube flow across their country – it is a lot more than that. Without seeing it we know it and consider it our own, since it is the place where the Istros-Danubius-Donau-Duna-Dunav-Dunărea originates. But of course, we will not […]